E-tuning is a term used for remotely tuning a car using email to transmit ECU maps and data logs of the operating engine.  The less modified setups like stage 1 and 2 cars don’t require data-logging, but Tuning Alliance recommends and provides free map optimization for these customers.  This can further improve performance, reliability and economy of any configuration.  More modified setups are required to datalog as the initial map will be conservative with boost set intentionally low, as well as fueling is targeted on the rich side. Then as data is provided the tune can be improved and increased in power safely.  


All cobb E-tunes will require the use of Cobb’s AP manager software, this is a free download from cobb and is used to transfer maps and data logs to and from the Cobb Accessport to your PC.  

1. We will send you an info sheet that will document and store all your personal info/mods to your specific vehicle/needs. You will also need to provide base logging of your current setup, we will ensure that there are no issues like boost leaks at this time.
2. We then build a custom (not pre built) base map based upon your vehicle and its specific mods. I cannot urge the importance of this, each map is CUSTOM MADE, tailored to you and your car!
3. You will upload this map to your car via Cobb Accessport, and data log under certain conditions(usually idle, cruise, and wide open throttle to a specific rpm).
4. You then send us datalogs, and we will update based on feedback of the logs and send a new map. Repeat steps until both YOU and our tuner are happy with the results.
Also future mods down the road, tune/map updates will be at a reduced cost(price varies case by case, but usually 50-100 dollars).
**Please keep in mind normal processing takes 3-5 business days for initial maps and 1-2 business days on revisions

Stage 1 Criteria: 

  • Stock turbo
  • Stock injectors
  • Stock boost controller
  • ​Stock down pipe