Meet the man behind the lap-top. Our very own fearless leader, Mike Kinsman. Mike has been tuning for over a decade. He is a true master of his craft. His experience, knowledge and passion are translated into each car that he tunes. Absolutely no shortcuts are taken with any of our customers cars. We ensure that each car is tuned safely, and reliably with maximum efficiency and power. We ensure customer satisfaction, and that every time you turn that key a smile comes to your face. Message us today and have Mike work his magic. Bring your car to the next level!

Sales Associate: Brittany Sanderson

Meet Brittany Sanderson, one of our sales associates, and event coordinator. Brittany is a multiple time show winner and best of show for countless car shows. She has achieved these high accolades with her impeccable build of her WRX. Contact Brittany for sales and event booking needs.

Lead Tuner: Mike Kinsman

Meet Mike DiFazio Our Marketing Director! He's the guy behind our branding, advertising, photos, and more. Mike drives a heavily modified Mitsubishi Evolution X, "Project Blu". Make sure to contact him for any marketing or sales needs and any Evo questions you may have!

Marketing Director: Mike DiFazio

Meet Our Team!

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